Not Many Small Business Managers Know This Method of Influence

One of the most common and least effective ways of getting people to do what you want, is to tell them. As managers we are very good at telling people what to do. We are not so good at showing them.In the workplace we set down standards, rules, regulations and ways of doing things. Unfortunately, we have problems when people don’t do what we want them to do. We then get to a deteriorating situation of conflict. You, as the manager want one thing, and the staff member does something different. You may take time out and discuss the situation with the person and explain in detail what you require but there is no guarantee that the person will carry out your wishes.There is a method of influence that is not commonly applied by the small business manager. It is very effective and can be used to set higher standards of behaviour at any time. When you are managing a small business, you are under pressure from the time you walk in the door in the morning until you go home in the evening. So let me show you how to positively influence your staff.Let’s have a look at how to influence your staff and change their behaviour with out telling them what to do. If we can understand the psychology of human behaviour, we can make it work for us. As the manager of a small business everything you say and everything you do is scrutinised by your staff and is the subject of many discussions.If you model the behaviour that you want in your staff, they will copy it. If you set the right example, that becomes the standard for others to follow. The power of a good example is exactly the same as the power of a bad example. So what does it mean to be a role model? Why is it so important? It has been said that a small business manager should carry out the behaviour that he or she wants in the rest of the staff. This is a very good start to creating the influence that you require. We know that other people’s behaviour gives us an idea of how something can be done well.In the workplace, this is basically how we learn, we pick up what it is that others want us to do, or how they want is to behave or even how they want is to be by watching their example. This is a very powerful way of learning and is probably the most useful way for people to decide how they can fit in, in any particular situation.When you are managing a small business you have this opportunity every day to set the right example. To put in context, think about it from a parenting point of view. In spite of your efforts to teach your children good table manners, they copy you.What does this mean to the small business manager? It means that you set the example by how you are, not by telling people what they should do.Traditionally, of course the example that managers have set at work has been one which wasn’t exactly encouraging people to behave in a more useful and constructive way. The stereotypical boss tended to be someone who was very dominant and very controlling, someone who had no time for fools, someone who drove people very hard in their tasks, and someone who’s people skills seem to be almost non-existent. Now however it is becoming clear that a business will only be a successful if its managers are able to model something quite different. The small business manager needs to lead people into being creative and innovative as well as using initiative and contributing to the business health.

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