Video Editing Tips to Improve Your Movies

Video editing tips are a necessity for any project that has multiple images. Video editing is an absolute must if you want the story to be told in the best possible manner. Your videos should be structured and put in order to tell the best possible story. It doesn’t matter whether you are telling the story of a child’s birthday party or doing a remake of Gone With the Wind. Editing videos is a must, even if your movie is 30 seconds long and only contains two different angles.Timing is everything in video editing, so it is important that you develop a feel for when to cut and why to make a cut. One of the simplest things to learn about video editing is how sound effects your edits. If the picture and sound change at the same time you will often get the feeling that the picture cut does not work. Sometimes this is a misleading feeling. More often than not, the picture cut is good and it is the change in sound that makes you feel that the cut is not working. When this happens, try sliding the sound from the picture that you are leaving into the the next cut by ten frames or more. This will dissipate the impact of the audio change occurring right on the cut. If you don’t have any dialogue in the incoming cut you can continue the outgoing cut’s audio under the incoming cut as long as possible.Another technique that you can employ is to add a short dissolve when you change audio cuts. This tends to soften the change in the background levels of the two audio tracks. If you practice these editing tools you will greatly improve your video editing skills. After experimenting for a while you will find that overlapping audio on your cuts will become second nature and your video editing will be greatly improved.Once you have mastered audio overlapping, you can experiment with different transitions to use with your picture cuts. The straight cut is the basic picture cut used in editing videos. A straight cut is simply changing, with a cut, from one picture to another. If the angles are significantly different, the cut will be smooth and drive the story forward. If the camera angle has not changed, the cut will look like a cut in time. In video editing we call this a jump cut. Take the time to experiment with both straight cuts and jump cuts to see how they work and you will greatly improve your video editing.

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